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Techno Hub

A state-of-the-art computer lab having latest configuration and operating systems is always a hub of activity with the children trooping in to learn computers as well as graphics. A white board in the room ensures parallel theory teaching as the children try their hand at practical. The CODING CLASSES conducting by TEKIE within the school timings at school gives our students an additional edge in the fast-growing field of Information Technology.

Eco- League

The students at PACE are moulded in a way to stand true to this quote. The Nature Club, motivates students right from their preschool age to care for the environment not only at school but also in their neighbourhood. Various programmes associated with planting trees, recycling, converting waste to wealth, conserving water etc. is taken up from time to time in the activities of the Nature Club.

Language Lab

The language lab at Pace caters to the communication skills of the learners and hones their personality through various literary activities like Dramatics, poetry recitation, debate, extempore and scripting the school magazine.

The Explorer

The school boasts of a well-stocked library with an impressive index of titles, covering fiction and non-fiction, periodicals, magazines, and newspapers. Students are encouraged to make full use of these facilities in order to inculcate a love for books and the habit of reading from an early age.

Book Lovers’ Programme (BLP) - We have incorporated an interesting Reading Programme into our curriculum. A session which allows children to explore different genres using reading strategies and storytelling techniques.

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