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The school hosts weekly yoga classes for the students. Flexible body and calm mind are some of the key benefits of regular yoga. A qualified yoga trainer imparts basic yoga knowledge for the classes 3 to 10.


The School is equipped with an Art Room where the creative surge of the student finds expression in varying forms. It provides a whetstone to hone their budding talents. The students are geared to excel in their artistic calibre by a team of experts.


Dance studio at the school provides creative space that resound with strains of folk, jazz and the mudras of classical forms. Indeed, the dance room at Pace acts as a platform to express oneself in an artistic way.


Music is an integral part of our life. Children of all ages love music classes. Pace trains children in both – vocal and instrumental music. The school has instruments like tabla, keyboard, guitar and various drums. Qualified teachers teach vocal and instrumental music.


Roller skating increases the balancing skills and works as a recreational activity. Qualified coaches hand-hold the students to gain skill with safety.

Young Marshals

Seeing children kick and punch their way to a fit lifestyle makes us proud. We at Pace, place a great deal of importance on the fitness of the students. Experts in the field are in place to train students in Taekwondo style of self-defence martial arts right from a tender age.


The school trains students in a variety of indoor and outdoor games, be it Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Kabaddi, Kho Kho or Badminton. Indoor games include Carroms, Chess and Table Tennis.

Mini Miracles

Learning centers for the pre-schoolers focus on selected activities that allow students to create things through hands-on activities. Sand Pit, Traffic Bay, My Kitchen, Ball Room etc, offers ample space for activities that help to improve core thinking skills necessary for problem solving while children have fun-learning experiences.

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